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  • ATypI Convention

    The ATypI project consisted of creating content for the 2013 typography convention to be held in Amsterdam. The client wanted a full-length booklet with all of the need-to-know information for the four day event, such as: Travel information, accommodations, a comprehensive list of speakers, schedules for each day, and sponsors. An original logo, advertisement, and website design was also to be incorporated into the project. For my logo I decided to incorporate a orange and blue color scheme due to the fact that orange is a prevalent color in the Netherlands.

    Street's Hope

    For this installation project, our design group partnered with the local Colorado non-profit Street’s Hope. Their mission is to help women who have fallen victim to the sex or human trafficking industry. Street's Hope provide a safe refuge to women, as well as the tools to get back on their feet as independent, empowered women. Our task was to create an installation to support their upcoming 10 year anniversary fundraiser event. Our solution was to create a triad of lit panels. The center piece brightly displayed the typographic word mark ‘Hope’, while the two outer two panels abstractly represented statistics relating to human trafficking.

    Dakota Wolves

    The mission of the Dakota Wolves project was to create an expansion team for the National Football League. I decided to incorporate aspects that would bring the reality of a team to life: a custom logo, unique jerseys, a website, as well as advertisements. In my initial research I looked at all of the color schemes and logos for existing football teams. I decided to use a dark blue and yellow color scheme because it visually represented the team animal - a wolf - howling under the moonlight.

    Health Repair Kit

    The Health Repair Kit was an exploration into creating an all inclusive gym starter kit made for people who were looking to get in shape, but didn’t know where to start. The logo design combines both mechanical and healthy aspects through the gear and heart images. I wanted to create a mark that would provoke energy with a monochromatic red color scheme, and lend itself to the idea of being a repair kit for the human body itself. I kept these themes consistent in my packaging labels, using the gears to represent continual forward progress.

    Colorado Rebrand

    The goal of the Colorado Tourism rebrand project was to re-imagine the existing state of Colorado’s tourism logo and advertising solutions. The existing logo mark and matching content was quite plain, providing no incentive for potential out-of-state tourists to visit Colorado. I begun by researching what makes Colorado a top tourist attraction in the first place, and concluded that the all of the unique and amazing outdoor locations are what make Colorado, Colorado. I then incorporated actual photos of Colorado emerging through the familiar ‘Axis’ typeface, and added sharp corners on each side to emulate a photograph.

    Abstract Video

    This project was an exploration into abstraction through different video and sound effects. I recorded myself frantically moving back and forth across a green screen, and in post production added various natural elements that would appear through my silhouette with matching natural sounds. Initially, I would only have one element and one sound on the screen at a time, but as the tension of my actions increased more silhouettes of myself would appear on the screen at once, accompanied by even more matching sounds. The conclusion of the video culminates with all of the different elements on screen at once.